Models Section

  Flying machines, cars,
armored fighting vehicules or
unlikely or from
the cinematographic universe.  

Models Section






Flying Machines


Star Blazers 2202
Great Imperial
Garmillas Czvarke   

   Star Blazers 2202
  Imperial Gatlantis

Star Blazers 22002 Great Imperial Garmillas Czvarke Bandai

Star Blazers 22002 Imperial Gatlantis Devastator Bandai


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Cars at many scales


  Ferrari 308 GTS
Departure for a ride   

  Ferrari Enzo Lime Green

  Jaguar Type D
Little break for a pilot...   

  Dodge Viper GTR
Tiger - EC 1/12 Cambresis   

   Ferrari 308 GTS Western Models 1/43rd   


   Ferrari Enzo Lime Grime BBR Miniatures 1/43rd   

   Jaguar Type D Monza 1958 JPS Miniatures 1/43rd   

   Dodge Viper GTSR Tiger EC 1/12 Cambresis Provence Moulage   


  Ford Mustang Cabriolet 1966

  Nissan GT - R35 Tiger

  Nissan GT - R35 Nismo

  Corvette C1 1953

   Ford Mustang Cabriolet 1966 1/43rd   

   Nissan GT-R 35 Tiger Tamiya 1/24th   

   Nissan GT-R 35 Nismo Tamiya 1/24th   

   Corvette C1 1953 1/43rd   


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Wheels and Tracks


  Pirnaha I Mowag

  Leclerc Kosovo 1999

   Mowag Piranha I - Verlinden 1/35th   


   French Main Battle Tank Leclerc Kosovo 1999 - ADV Mini 1/72th   



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