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Welcome in the universe of Philippe and Cathy,



      Fascinated model maker and collector of Aston Martin,
I thus decided to live these two passions (the model making and the Aston Martin)
through a collection in 1/43rd in kit for the main part.


      Some realizations will be presented in other scales (1/87th, 1/24th, 1/18th)
from kit or from "Die Cast" basis strongly modified.
The challenge being to remain as much as possible in the 1/43rd.
There are no models 100 % Die Cast, the only ones presented.
On this site, are models having sudden of numerous modifications, or complete revision or rebuild.



     On the other part of this website you will find figures, other one of my passions:
figurine's painting.
The main theme is dedicated to Heroic Fantasy.


     All the dioramas (for cars and figurines) are realized by myself,
either by leaving of existing bases, or create any places.


     This site was create to make share a set of passions.


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Thanks for the graphic originality you bring at this site
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